Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome to "da Chiner"

Before I talk about China...

We are married! And have been for three weeks now :) We are anxiously awaiting our pictures from the wedding day and reception to be done, and once they are, I'll post a few! 

The Sunday after we were married, we hopped on a plane bound for China to start our epic Asia adventure-here we are in the Tokyo airport waiting for our flight to Shanghai!
This is us being stoked.

And this is Micah getting his skateboard confiscated..uh oh..

It feels good to be here in Shanghai with Micah, since this is where we met almost exactly one year ago. I've had multiple times to reflect on how we met since we have been back here, and in particular  was thinking about it a lot this morning.

I remember seeing him my very first Sunday at church in Shanghai. He was cute. But I wasn't looking for a relationship or even someone to like (isn't that what everyone says after the fact?) so I didn't really think much else, until he said hi to me one day.

That was the day, when he turned to me and said "I don't think we've met, my name is Micah" that I walked away with a smile on my face, thinking that he was far from the "bad boy" impression I had of him earlier. He was funny, sweet and genuine, and I thought about him the whole car ride home from church :)

..but more on how we met some other time..

I have pictures to post and stories to tell. First I will say what a great opportunity it is to be back in China again this summer. I was almost sure that I wouldn't be back here again, at least not for a while..and here I am...with a husband. Haha, I never would have imagined. It is a very different experience here, one that requires laughing it off when people cut in front of you, ignoring the old men that spit on the ground right in front of you, and patience as people try and cut you in line. There have been many moments already when Micah and I have witnessed such acts, looked at each other, with sort of a disgusted smile on our face, and said..."welcome to China." 

It's hard not to get frustrated, but we have come to the conclusion that this summer is our opportunity to learn to love China and the people who live here. 

But not the food, we might tackle that some other time. 
Or possibly never.